About Her


Oh! You found my secret blog!
Here i use my own rule. The rule is, no F words (obscene words) or other moron, noob, fuzzy things.. I accept all the comment and always noted to my life that im using this empty space just because to express my feelings.. hew hew hew..

Something about HER?

The name is Ain

Ordinary girl with ordinary life
Not a busy women + Hate busy body person

Absolutely not a writer
 Always feel young , childish and humble
Love herself much

Hate being cruel even she done it before
Learn from the past and the best
Capture herself as a some character in a lovely fantasy
 Done anything with reasonable
 (things happen for a reason)

Wanna be the best though sometime it becomes worse
Can be freak but handle the awkward moment
Normal is better then perfect

Love apple not because of the apple , but the true colors of the apple itself
A nice person that NO ONE can ever imagine.. HOHOHO! T_T'

Quotes of my life :
"I'm someone who always walk. I walk on my own road. This is the way i took, a way that bring much challenge to deal with, i walk through it without any shoes on, although sometimes my leg hurts, I'm still keep going on, to that direction,to my destination. even though it is rain and storm try stopping my way,i still keep on going. Sometimes i choose to run, hoping that i could reach the end off the way faster with no more question, no more fear. Right here right now, I'm slowly learn to be immune, although it's hard and hurt me a bit. I accept my fate, because i can't reach tomorrow, so I'll try my best to prepare for anything, for the happiness till the end of time..Insyaallah..I'm the witness and the one who knew my life.."

anyway, thanks for reading
"Life like a song,
some happy, some funny, some sadly, badly, truly, madly, some cruel... that's what we call life"

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